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  2. ADP marine donate 50,000 yuan to fight against the epidemic in Wuhan

    首頁    ADP marine donate 50,000 yuan to fight against the epidemic in Wuhan

    In response to the CPC's call to its members,After xi jinping, li Keqiang and some people donated to support the prevention and control work in Wuhan ,Nantong ADP Marine took active actions and donated 50,000 yuan to Wuhan on March 3,and also study the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during his inspection of the epidemic situation in Wuhan, and take concrete actions to fulfill the social responsibility of enterprises, so as to help win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, The donation will be transferred to Wuhan by Nantong charity federation on the same day.

    Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, the situation of the epidemic has been concerned by everyone from ADP, especially in Wuhan, where the epidemic is more serious. At this special moment, since we can't go to the frontline to fight against the epidemic, so what we can do is to support them from the back. We hope that the vast number of medical workers on the frontline will protect themselves so we can work together to battle against the epidemic.